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Equilibius a High-wire show


Two giant pylons face one another, offering platforms bridged by a fragile tensile wire. Eight meters from terra firma, fantastic feats of equilibrium are performed with daredevil ease - but more than just tricks, the audience will be invited into a magical world of balance where a playful picture is painted on the skies. Equilibrius takes the skills and thrills of the ancient art of high-wire walking, giving them a contemporary and exciting edge not to be missed!

The beautiful structure and balancing pole can be rigged with pyros and fireworks adding an extra wow to the spectacle. The towers can be rigged in almost any setting from town centres, parks and indoor event spaces. The show can be performed to audiences of up to 5,000 people. 

Equilibrius is performed on a 10m walking wire 8m from the ground, with a 20m inclined walking wire from the ground up and a back guy, the whole rig can fit into a 50m footprint

   Client Testimonials

'On what was a blowy day it was fantastic that The Bullzini Family were able to present two cracking shows which went down really well with the audiences, we have had so much positive feedback on the day and since then. The whole of the Inside Out team felt they were such a delight to work with in the lead up, the set up and through the show day.' Bill Gee – Inside out Festival, Activate Performing Arts Dorset.


'SO Festival was delighted to present The Bullzini Family’s Equilibrius at our finale weekend in Skegness in 2016. Not only were the team the utmost professionals, but the show was daring, magical and playful and delighted audiences of all ages. Book it.' Lorna Fulton Festival Director, SO Festival


It was a pleasure to have The Bullzini Family performing SpareParts festival. The feedback has been very positive, Equilibrius was the perfect finale for the festival activities.' Adam McGuigan, Festival Director SpareParts Festival.


I loved Equilibrius – as clearly did the Eastleigh audience. It’s a great show and works brilliantly as a ‘headline act’.

Owen Calvert-Lyons, Eastleigh Unwrapped.

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